Institut pasteur de Lille (IPL) – FR

General description:

Institut pasteur-de-lille

The Institut Pasteur de Lille is a non-profit private foundation; created 110 years ago, which hosts approx..1000 persons devoted to people’s health and their environment for “a better and longer life”. 32 research teams are dedicated to people’s health research.

Nationally and internationally renowned, these teams work on 6 major pathologies medical research: cancer; cardiovascular diseases; infectious diseases; metabolic diseases; aging-related diseases; inflammatory diseases. The Centre for preventive medicine, vaccination, and medical advice (CPES) plays an active role in prevention and health education (health checkups, individual and collective vaccination, health education programs). Every year, Pasteur-Lille trains over 3000 professionals, from 1300 companies and communities in the field of nutrition and food, physical activity, smoking. The Institute is also involved in technology transfer (patent protection, license, partnership; start-up). A Joint Research Unit (JRU) U1011 entitled “Récepteurs nucléaires, maladies cardiovasculaires et diabète” exists between IPL, INSERM, Université de Lille2). IPL has signed an agreement with INSERM – Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale – and the Université de Lille 2 which defines the cooperation modalities between the three organisations.



Transcriptional regulation of lipid and glucose metabolism and the cross-talk between lipid and glucose metabolic pathways, as well as pharmacological modulation by nuclear receptor pathways.


Transgenic mouse models; animal physiology platforms. Specific selective PPAR agonists to fine tune perturbation of lipid and glucose metabolism. Functional genomics and transcriptomic platforms.

Other EU Projects:

MAFAPS (Macrophage function and stability of the atherosclerotic plaque – Project ref: QLG2-CT-1999-01007); DIABESITY (Novel molecular targets for obesity and type2 diabetes – FP6-LIFESCIHEALTH – Project ref: 503041); HEPADIP (Hepatic and adipose tissue and functions in the metabolic syndrome – FP6-LIFESCIHEALTH – Project ref: 018734); TOBI (Targeting OBesity-driven Inflammation – FP7-HEALTH – Project ref: 201608).