NOVAMEN (Novamen) – FR – SME

General description:


NOVAMEN, a brand of ACIES Consulting Group, supports strategic and operational management of collaborative research programs, originating from private and public stakeholders.

NOVAMEN offers to European research institutes, academic and industrial groups a set of services tailored to their needs. This includes the identification of suitable sources of funding, the analysis of R&D landscape and project portfolio, the design and building of proposals that address the specific requirements from various funding bodies, as well as the management both at strategic and operational levels, of cross-thematic, multinational and multicultural research projects.

NOVAMEN has developed in-depth expertise in strategic and operational management of joint research programs, with over 150 projects submitted to date to European funding programmes. Our funding success rate is three times higher than the European average across FP7. NOVAMEN is currently management Partner in 14 FP7 projects in the Health, KBBE, ICT, Transport and Energy themes. They are DO-HEALTH (ECGA 278588), SeaBioTech (ECGA 311932), INOMANS²HIP (ECGA 266082), CUT’HIVAC (ECGA 241904), MODHEP (ECGA 259743), DARTRIX (ECGA 278580), IMAGINT (ECGA 259881), SYBILLA (ECGA 201106), SPIDIA (ECGA 222916)…