Centrum fur Angewandte Nanotechnologie Gmbh (CAN) – DE -SME

General description:


CAN GmbH is a public private partnership, located in Hamburg, Germany, which offers companies and research institutions contract research and development services in the area of nanotechnology, and participates in national and international research programs.

The focus of CAN activities is the utilization of new findings in chemical nanotechnology and nanoanalysis especially in the areas of consumables, specialty polymers and health care. CAN GmbH was founded in 2005 as a joint venture by the Free and Hansestadt Hamburg, the University of Hamburg and well-known industrial enterprises which have combined to form a sponsor association. As a Public Private Partnership, CAN GmbH aims to allow professional processing of R&D orders in close cooperation with universities. Started with a core team that now numbers 30, CAN GmbH will increase its staff to about 50 in the next few years. Among the members of the association, which is open to other companies, are Beiersdorf AG, Eppendorf AG, Olympus Winter & Ibe GmbH, Evotec Technologies GmbH and Nanogate AG as well as the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the Hamburger Sparkasse. CAN GmbH is a non profit research organisation with a proven legal status of an SME.




The main areas of expertise at CAN GmbH are in the production of nanoparticulate and nanocomposite materials, encapsulation of active ingredients as well as development of nanoparticle-based biological and medical markers. The expertise includes the functionalization of tailormade nanoparticle systems with fluorescent and magnetic properties. Additionally CAN GmbH has access to a broad range of analytical techniques for the characterization of nanostructures.


CAN facilities are equipped with several chemical laboratories, a biosafety level 1 laboratory and a cell culture laboratory.

Other EU Projects:

VIBRANT (In Vivo Imaging of Beta-cell Receptors by Applied Nano Technology (FP7-NMP – Project ref: 228933).


All synthesis and functionalization processes at CAN are standardized by Standard Operation Protocolls (SOPs).