WP 4: Long-term mouse experiments

WP 4: Long-term  mouse experiments

WP leader: FORTH, Dimitris Kardassis, PhD (kardasis@imbb.forth.gr)

The objectives of this work package are: 

• To execute carefully designed and standardized long-term  (patho)physiological and therapeutic interventions in a humanized mouse model to induce or correct the low HDL-C and high TG observed in MetS for generating data and collecting samples for high-quality large “multi-omics” data  sets to calibrate, extend, validate  and test the computational model.

• To unravel mechanisms by which established and novel therapeutic interventions affect the disturbances of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in MetS.

• To unravel mechanisms by which a key transcription factor of insulin signaling (FOXO1) is associated with MetS and the pathogenesis of dyslipidemia and atherosclerosis

• To unravel the pathophysiological mechanism by which deoxysphingolipids are associated with MetS